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The Software and Systems Engineering Services Next Generation (SSES NexGen) provides for the acquisition of scientific, systems engineering, and software engineering technical services to support the life cycle activities associated with the U.S. Army's CECOM Life Cycle Management Command's (CECOM LCMC) Software Engineering Center's (SEC's) software systems and services and to support the software engineering technology and interoperability efforts of SEC.

SSES NexGen support is required for the full life cycle of SEC projects to provide software and systems engineering, and technical services to enable the SEC to continue to provide essential support for assigned C4ISR Systems (weapon, logistics and business systems), associated programming support environments, and other software technology initiatives, in order to improve the Army's ability to provide quality software solutions within a system of systems environment for warfighters operating in Battlespace, while maintaining the highest levels of interoperability and maintainability for the way forward.

Mission areas under SSES NexGen include:

  • Warfighter Mission Area (WMA). The WMA provides life cycle software solutions and services that enable warfighting superiority and information dominance across the C4ISR enterprise, to include battle command systems, tactical radios, satellite communications, aviation, fire support, intelligence fusion/collectors and sensor system.
  • Enterprise Services Mission Area (EMA). The EMA provides software engineering and field support services and solutions that enable the success of the C4ISR Enterprise along with SEC's customers in various government agencies.
  • Business Mission Area (BMA). The BMA meets the needs of the Warfighter by providing business and information technology support to a variety of C4ISR, DoD and Government customers. The line directorates are organized around domains, providing logistical, enterprise solutions as well as tactical support.

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