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Global Property Management Support Services-Army Field Support Brigade CONUS West/Pacific Contract

HCI | integrated solutions provides property accountability, visibility of property, receipt, issue, and storage of property, asset management, warehousing and preventive and corrective maintenance for over 207,000 pieces of equipment valued at over $3.2 Billion at 11 US Army installations.

HCI provides the appropriate number of resident staff logistics specialists with expertise in the following automation disciplines:  PBUSE, SAMS-E, SAMS-2, SAMS-E/2 operations, STAMIS as directed, unit level supply procedures, property accounting procedures, standard operating procedures, property book accounting, hand receipts, shortage annexes.  This will include RECIEPT, ISSUE and STORAGE of all Division Equipment—tactical, non-tactical, and commercial off the shelf (COTS).

This service is similar to a Division Property Book Team with additional critical tasks such as obtaining the condition code of equipment and readiness tracking—this function will be able to quantify in detail the readiness and “issue-ability” of the equipment.  This task also requires lateral transfers in and out of each of the 11 HCI locations.  In support of this work, HCI also provides compilation of the data resulting from the operations through generating and submitting a variety of reports capturing the resulting information for performance and budgeting.