KEY EVENT – MARCH  27, 2023

HCI | integrated solutions will be attending the DoD Mentor Protégé Summit 2023 held in Orlando, Florida from March 27-30, 2023.  The DoD Mentor Protégé Summit is designed to reinforce small business supply chains and their ability to compete in a modernized defense industrial base through education, networking, and collaboration. It supports OSBP’s goal toprovidepractical opportunities for small businesses in the DoD industrial base to develop, competitively market and deliver innovative solutions. For more information, please DoD Mentor Protégé Summit 2023.


Shannon Hicks, Saturday, March 25, 2023

October 20, 2016

HCI | integrated solutions, as part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Global Combat Support System- Army (GCSS-Army) representing USARC G-4 are the lead on issues associated with Watercraft and the development of BOMs and Functional locations. HCI’s Ogden, Utah team member provided substantial assistance by doing the deep dive on equipment with BOMs and Functional Locations currently in GCSS-Army.  Coordinating with CASCOM and PMO to ensure LDPS is on top of the BOM data. Read more...
HC-INC News, Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 10, 2016

HCI | integrated solutions, as part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Global Combat Support System- Army (GCSS-Army) representing USARC G-4, participated in the 4QFY16 USARC G4 GCSS-Army Quarterly Update Briefing meeting. Members from USARC, HCI, and CASCOM discussed current and forthcoming initiatives/objectives pertaining to GCSS-Army.  The Quarterly Update Briefing surrounding various topics of discussion such as upcoming fielding of Increment I Wave 2 to the USAR Watercraft ... Read more...
HC-INC News, Monday, October 10, 2016

Pre-Deployment Assistance Training (PDAT)

HCI provides mobilizing units with training and assistance prior to mobilization. We track and interpret current policies, procedures and events relevant to power projection operations and incorporate all authorized changes so that deploying unit personnel have the most current guidance available. HCI uses skills similar to a Property Book Team with critical tasks assigned developing an Operational Needs Statement (ONS), to determine Theater Provided Equipment (TPE) assets, assistance in ...

HC-INC News, Sunday, October 9, 2016

Global Property Management Support Services-Army Field Support Brigade CONUS West/Pacific Contract

HCI | integrated solutions provides property accountability, visibility of property, receipt, issue, and storage of property, asset management, warehousing and preventive and corrective maintenance for over 207,000 pieces of equipment valued at over $3.2 Billion at 11 US Army installations. HCI provides the appropriate number of resident staff logistics specialists with expertise in the following automation disciplines:  PBUSE, SAMS-E, SAMS-2, SAMS-E/2 operations, STAMIS as directed, unit ...

HC-INC News, Saturday, October 8, 2016

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